User guide for iphone 6s pdf

It says the pdf can be downloaded but I see no way to do this. I don’t know what BOX is but that could be the issue. Why make user guide for iphone 6s pdf different than everyone else on the Web?

I just bought my 6 plus an hour ago. I can’t download the manual. I need a manual copy. Everything else is great, what is the problem with putting a simple pdf manual on your website for people who need a hard copy document? Just got a new 6S. HAVE TO PUT IT ON SPEAKER TO HEAR ANYONE!

CAN’T FIND WHERE TO ADJUST SPEAKER VOLUME! I faced same problem, after the film is removed I am able to hear properly. Won’t download for me either. Do you need BOX installed to download?

I’m setting up my iphone 6 and am unable to get away from Apple’s idea that everyone uses the US date system. How do I change this? That’s all I can say. How do I get a listing of appointments on my calendar? How can I pull my calendar up on my computer and print it for the month? How do I transfer photos from old phone to new phone? Can stride length be adjusted?

Iphone calculates distance walked as in 3ft strides. My length is 26 inches. How do I turn off the spotlight? Your email address will not be published. What’s new in iOS 9. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do.

That is something that you should not be missed. Deep inside it, you will what you will never see in the other smartphones. The smooth metal surface and the new Retina HD display will give you the best user experience. Larger does not mean thicker. For this generation, offering the best comfort and the best user experience is just a certainty.

It also has the better display. The M8 motion coprocessor gathers data from the advance sensors to the new barometer efficiently. The new iOS 8 is the secret of the better software. What you will get in the new iOS? The better look and the better user experience will help you to operate the smartphone easily. Message also equipped with the voice and video attachment feature. You just need to tap the phone to add your voice and video to any message.

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