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In this article we will explain how to thirteen reasons why free pdf ebook and troubleshoot a grub, why a boot loader is necessary, and how it adds versatility to the system. Deal: Ready to Make The Next Viral Game? In this article we will introduce you to GRUB and explain why a boot loader is necessary, and how it adds versatility to the system. You may want to review that article before proceeding further.

OS or kernel entry in the GRUB initial screen should be selected to boot by default. Why would you want to modify the default kernel parameters or pass extra options? In simple terms, there may be times when you need to tell the kernel certain hardware parameters that it may not be able to determine on its own, or to override the values that it would detect. After installation it did not detect the right settings for my video card so I had to modify the kernel options passed through GRUB in order to make it work. Another example is when you need to bring the system to single-user mode to perform maintenance tasks. This method ensures changes are permanent, while options passed through GRUB at boot time will only last during the current session.

If you install a second operating system or if your GRUB configuration file gets corrupted due to human error, there are ways you can get your system back on its feet and be able to boot again. The boot information will then be updated and all related files be restored. The concepts explained there are valid for other distributions as well. In this article we have introduced you to GRUB, indicated where you can find documentation both online and offline, and explained how to approach an scenario where a system has stopped booting properly due to a bootloader-related issue. Fortunately, GRUB is one of the tools that is best documented and you can easily find help either in the installed docs or online using the resources we have shared in this article. Do you have questions or comments? Don’t hesitate to let us know using the comment form below.

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