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Great Priory of England and Wales. The logo of the Great The templar code for dummies pdf of England and Wales and its Provinces Overseas.

The organisation has no direct lineal connection to the historical Catholic military orders from which it is named. One of the obligations entrants to the order are required to declare is to protect and defend the Christian faith. The word “United” in its full title indicates that more than one historical tradition and more than one actual order are jointly controlled within this system. Knights of the Red Cross. Berne manuscript, written in French between 1740 and 1744.

Altengrotkau began the Order of Strict Observance, which ritual he claimed to have received from the reconstituted Templar Order in 1743 in Paris. The order went into decline when he failed to produce any evidence to support his claims, and was wound up shortly after his death. This lodge now began to grant dispensations to other lodges to confer the Knights Templar Degree. Some time around 1790 the Early Grand Encampment of Ireland was formed, which began to warrant Templar Lodges, and evolved into the Supreme Grand Encampment in 1836. The Early Grand Encampment chartered several Scottish “encampments” one of which, having been chartered in 1805 as the “Edinburgh Encampment No.

31″, then became the”Grand Assembly of Knights Templar in Edinburgh”. Duke of Kent, Grand Master of the Order in England. Ireland about 1780, and was recorded at York about the same time. He initiated modern Templar freemasonry. At that time, there were eight known Templar encampments in England, the most senior being the Encampment of Redemption at York, and the Baldwyn encampment at Bristol, at whose request Dunckerley began his mission. Under his leadership, the number of encampments steadily grew until his death in 1795.

Grand Master himself, re-energising the society and launching it into an era of growth and development. Dunckerley laid the foundation for this not only by promoting the order, but by standardising the ritual and insisting on proper record keeping. The Grand Conclave went into a period of decline between 1872 and 1895, when it was re-founded as the present day Great Priory of England and Wales. Depending upon the geographical jurisdiction, the Knights Templar exist either as part of the York Rite or as an independent organization. Though the York Rite and the independent versions share many similarities there are key differences which are described below.

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