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Reading Room remains in its original form at the British Museum. 1857, the Reading Room was in continual use until its temporary closure for renovation in 1997. It was reopened in 2000, and from 2007 to 2014 it was used the portable karl marx pdf stage temporary exhibitions.

It has since been closed while its future use remains under discussion. The building used cast iron, concrete, glass and the latest technology in ventilation and heating. Book stacks built around the reading room were made of iron to take the huge weight and add fire protection. There were forty kilometres of shelving in the stacks prior to the library’s relocation to the new site. A public viewing was held between 8 and 16 May which attracted over 62,000 visitors. Tickets to it included a plan of the library.

Regular users had to apply in writing and be issued a reader’s ticket by the Principal Librarian. Reading Room and building as the museum until 1997. File:British Museum Reading Room Panorama Feb 2006. The Reading Room was reopened in 2000, allowing all visitors, and not just library ticket-holders, to enter it. Room 2, but closed permanently on 13 August 2011. In 2014, the British Museum opened its new World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre that included a specially constructed exhibition space.

The museum has been consulting on the future of the Reading Room, but as of June 2014, its future is still undecided. The British Museum Reading Room has become iconic. The ‘Glass Ceiling’ of Anabel Donald’s 1994 novel is the ceiling of the Reading Room, where the denouement is set. Reading Room is used as the secret entrance to the British Library’s fictional “Special Operations Division”. Reading Room one hundred years in the future, in order to know what posterity thinks about him and his work.

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