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Links to the Chairman’s Annual Letters to Shareholders, press releases, Charlie Munger’s Letters the manual of ideas john mihaljevic pdf Wesco Shareholders, the Berkshire Owner’s Manual, and much more. Professor Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance at NYU’s Stern School of Business, shares a wealth of educational material.

Here, you will find entire courses, books, spreadsheets, research papers, and more dealing with the topic of security valuation. The Graham and Doddsville Newsletter is published three times annually by the students of Columbia Business School. Feature stories include interviews with noted value investors, and coverage of Columbia Business School events including the Annual Graham and Dodd Breakfast, the Columbia Investment Management Association Conference and The Pershing Square Challenge. While the editor of this blog  is a  founding editor of this newsletter, there is no affiliation between the two. As I understand, the number of issues published has dwindled. I read old issues whenever I can get my hands on them. You can find some free excerpts and interviews here.

0s, referred to as Value Investing. The site contains a wealth of information about value investing, including video lectures with several value investing legends including Walter Schloss, Marty Whitman, Irving Kahn, and more. Dodd Investing was established in 2001 to ensure a permanent home for value investing at the Columbia Business School. Columbia Business School was the birthplace of the value approach, and today the Heilbrunn Center is helping educate a new generation of value investors. This monthly publication, created by Whitney Tilson and John Heins, seems to pick up where the dwindling number of OID issues leaves off. While VII requires a subscription, the interviews, insights and investment ideas from the world’s top value investors that are packed into each monthly issue make it well worth the price.

Links to Charlie Munger’s Annual Letters to Shareholders. Benjamin Graham once quipped that if someone doesn’t understand value investing within 5 minutes, they never will. I believe do a great job at explaining value investing. This blog will try to dissect distressed debt investing, up and down the capital structure. We will look at current distressed debt situations, try to explain the ins and outs of how decisions are made in the distressed debt world, probably rant a few times about positions that are working against me, and hopefully enlighten some readers. 200, was a compilation of essays written by Mr.

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