The living universe pdf

This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. It is assumed that galaxies are distributed uniformly and the same in all directions, meaning the living universe pdf the Universe has neither an edge nor a center. Giant clouds later merged through gravity to form galaxies, stars, and everything else seen today.

It is possible to see objects that are now further away than 13. Big Bang, while other physicists and philosophers refuse to speculate, doubting that information about prior states will ever be accessible. Universe might be one among many universes that likewise exist. You can edit this timeline.

Please use the preview button before saving. The Universe encompasses all of life, all of history, and some philosophers and scientists suggest that it even encompasses ideas such as mathematics and logic. The prevailing model for the evolution of the Universe is the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang model states that the earliest state of the Universe was extremely hot and dense and that it subsequently expanded. In this diagram, time passes from left to right, so at any given time, the Universe is represented by a disk-shaped “slice” of the diagram. Together, these epochs encompassed less than 10 seconds of time following the Big Bang.

This diagram shows Earth’s location in the Universe. The three possible options of the shape of the Universe. General relativity describes how spacetime is curved and bent by mass and energy. This horizon represents the boundary between the observable and the unobservable regions of the Universe. These are called, respectively, the flat, open and closed universes. The size of the Universe is somewhat difficult to define.

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