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Changes must be reviewed before being displayed on this page. Tur created the Los Angeles News Service with fellow reporter the hidden life of hanna why pdf former wife Marika Gerrard.

54 people during a freak southern California storm in January 1988. 550,000 and ruling that “public employees are not immune from liability for malicious prosecution if they instigate the prosecution through fraudulent, corrupt or malicious misrepresentations”. Tur has been credited with locating seven missing aircraft. In February 1996, Tur broadcast the San Diego County Transit System bus hijacking. The show reported on why criminal suspects ran from police, and included interviews with those actually involved in the country’s most notorious police pursuits. Tur “sir,” to which Tur responded by grabbing the back of Shapiro’s neck and telling him to stop or he would be going home in an ambulance. Tur’s 23-year marriage to Marika Gerrard came to an end in 2003.

In August 2014, following gender reassignment surgery, she applied to a court to change her name and gender from male to female. Reflecting on her transition in a 2017 interview, Tur stated, “What I have is not political. It’s a medical condition that was treated. It’s not a mental illness. There are differences in the brain.

New Yorker Magazine-August 1, 1994. Chopper Newshounds Bob and Marika Tur are L. CBS News, 60 Minutes-The Man That Shot O. KCBS News Radio-San Francisco-Loma Prieta Earthquake-October 17, 1989. Gathering More Than News” Editorial Section-January 20, 1988.

Superior Court of California No. This week, Inside Edition confirmed to The Advocate that the show has ended its relationship with Tur, but claimed the decision was not influenced by the increasing outcry about Tur’s public comments. It was just a part-time assignment, for February sweeps,” co-executive producer Esther Pressin stated. She did three stories for us, and we’re done. Is transgender community ready for close-up?

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