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Navy SEAL with Colt Commando. CAR-15 banner, although they have stackpole military history series pdf in common with the M16 rifle.

Rifle and Commando versions, so Colt abandoned the CAR-15 family concept. The “CAR-15 Rifle” was already identified by most users as the M16 rifle, and “CAR-15” was similarly associated with the short-barreled Colt Submachine Gun and XM177 models. Because of that, the term “CAR-15” has been used to describe any M16-based carbine, even if the particular weapon is not officially named thus. M16, formed the core of the CAR-15 family.

However, the United States military had already committed to purchases before Colt created the concept of the CAR-15 weapons system. CAR-15 HBARs did not have a quick-change barrel. The 30-round M16 box magazine was not available until 1969. The CAR-15 Heavy Assault Rifle M2 were belt-fed machine-guns developed under the CAR-15 banner, although they have little in common with the M16 rifle. 45mm cartridges made by Colt in 1965. It failed to achieve any sales, and was replaced by the Colt CMG-2, which also failed to achieve any sales. The CMG-3 was a 7.

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