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Find program websites, online videos and more for your favorite PBS shows. Subscribe to our Previews newsletter for a sneak peek at your favorite programs. Watch local and national programs from anywhere at anytime. The story concerns a young man who is pulled into a dreamlike world and there hunts for his ideal of female beauty, embodied by the “Marble Lady”. Anodos lives through many adventures and temptations while in the other world, until he is finally ready to give up his ideals. The tale starts the day after Anodos’ twenty-first birthday. He discovers that he has been transported to Fairy Land.

He then explores the world of the fairies, which live in flowers, causing them to glow. The flowers, he is told, die if the fairies leave. After he sings to it, the statue flees from him. He pursues the lady and finds a woman he believes to be her. However, this lady is actually the Maid of the Alder Tree in disguise.

Anodos then meets a woman and her daughter who believe in fairy tales and the magic of Fairy Land, despite the disbelief of the woman’s husband. Anodos also finds his shadow, an evil presence that follows and torments Anodos throughout the rest of the story. Anodos finds a palace that mysteriously belongs to him, and it contains a room with an inscription that reads “Sir Anodos. In the palace, he reads the story of Cosmo of Prague. Anodos spends much time in the palace, relating his various wanderings and readings. In one such wandering, he comes upon corridors filled with still statues. Hearing the last vestiges of song from the corridors, and considering the statues as recently frozen into immobility upon his approach, Anodos ventures deeper and deeper into the halls.

He dreams of the marble lady, that she alone has an empty pedestal among the statues. He later finds this pedestal, and, figuring a way in which to trick the statues into continuing to dance as he enters the room, he eventually sings to the pedestal. The marble lady materializes, but Anodos attempts to grab her. Anodos escapes this place and finds himself in a stormy sea. When a boat arrives, he boards it. It takes him to an “island” with a cottage with four doors which is inhabited by an ancient lady with young eyes. Anodos enters each door in turn, each containing a different world.

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