Robotic servo motor pdf

In this Instructable, I show you how to build a chess robot! Computer Science – Download robotic servo motor pdf Code and Play Chess! Each step can be completed individually and in any order you choose!

The chess robot works by having a human player make a move, which the reed switch sensors detect and send the move to the python code. The python code chooses a computer move and sends it to Arduino to execute the move with the robotic arm. There are quite a few materials required to complete this project. The mechanical materials and electrical materials can be obtained at different times.

Once you have the required materials for either the mechanical or electrical section, it is time to begin building! Construct the x-track according to the drawing PDF. 8 diameter tap screws is not very important as long as the screws don’t collide. After you have constructed the x-track, construct the Y and Z tracks in a similar way according to the respective drawing PDF files. It may be helpful to cut the X, Y, and Z blocks first so that you can ensure there is enough room for the blocks to slide through their respective channel. The downloadable PDF files below contain the drawings and dimensions for the x, y, and z track.

Follow the drawing files precisely to construct the robot. 5 mm in order to fit inside the motor coupler. The other end of the coupler is secured to a stepper motor. This allows the lead screw to turn when the stepper motor turns. Ball bearings at the end of the X and Y track help support the lead screw while allowing it to rotate smoothly.

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