Refrigeration and air conditioning by roy j dossat pdf

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Section to get real answers for your questions. Are Carrier training material pretty good ? Do i have to order the powerpoint too or the book is enough ? Can i just use only the book. You could just attempt to wing it like so many others out there. I dont know about the carrier stuff.

The books should carry some good infobut the only way to find out is to buy a couple that interest you and just find out. There used to be a thread on the forum where people would list books that they thought were good. At Carriers website you can also download wiring diagrams and installation and service manuals for most of their equipment. Get a wiring diagram and a sequence of operation for some equipment and you will see what happens when and why. Im sure some others will come along and recommened some materials. Supply houses in your area may also hold little classes from time to time.

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