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District of Columbia Court of Appeals v. This page was last edited on 4 December 2017, at 17:22. OHP is concerned with the relationship psychology by feldman pdf psychosocial workplace factors to the development, maintenance, and promotion of workers’ health and that of their families. Thus the field’s focus is work-related factors that can lead to injury, disease, and distress.

English coal mining operations adversely affected worker morale. A 1971 study by Gardell examined the impact of work organization on mental health in Swedish pulp and paper mill workers and engineers. Research on the impact of unemployment on mental health was conducted at the University of Sheffield’s Institute of Work Psychology. In 1970 Kasl and Cobb documented the impact of unemployment on blood pressure in U.

In 1988, in response to a dramatic increase in the number of stress-related worker compensation claims in the U. When this change was coupled with an increased recognition of the impact of stress on a range of problems in the workplace, NIOSH found that their stress-related programs were significantly increasing in prominence. In 1990, Raymond et al. NIOSH jointly organized the first international Work, Stress, and Health conference in Washington, DC. The conference has since become a biannual OHP meeting. European Workshop on Occupational Health Psychology in Lund, Sweden. That workshop is considered to be the first EA-OHP conference, the first of a continuing series of conferences EA-OHP organizes and devotes to OHP research and practice.

OHP-related research, education, and practice as well as coordinating international conference scheduling. In 2008, SOHP joined with APA and NIOSH in co-sponsoring the Work, Stress, and Health conferences. The research methods used in OHP are similar to those used in other branches of psychology. Three influential theoretical models in OHP research are the demand-control-support, demand-resources, and effort-reward imbalance models. The most influential model in OHP research has been the original demand-control model.

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