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Greek and professes to give an account of the lives and sayings of philosophers notes pdf free download Greek philosophers. The work doesn’t have an exact title in the manuscripts and appears in various lengthy forms. LaĆ«rtius there had been a dozen.

On the other hand, modern scholars have advised that we treat Diogenes’ testimonia with care, especially when he fails to cite his sources: “Diogenes has acquired an importance out of all proportion to his merits because the loss of many primary sources and of the earlier secondary compilations has accidentally left him the chief continuous source for the history of Greek philosophy”. Eleatics and sceptics are treated under the Italic. He also includes his own poetic verse, albeit pedestrian, about the philosophers he discusses. Book VII is incomplete and breaks off during the life of Chrysippus. The whole of Book X is devoted to Epicurus, and contains three long letters written by Epicurus, which explain Epicurean doctrines.

The three most useful manuscripts are known as B, P, and F. The titles for the individual biographies used in modern editions are absent from these earliest manuscripts, however they can be found inserted into the blank spaces and margins of manuscript P by a later hand. The first printed editions were Latin translations. The first was a late 17th-century translation by ten different persons.

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