Oregon chain guide pdf

Oregon OSHA’oregon chain guide pdf required written materials. Why does Oregon OSHA require written materials?

What do I need to put in writing? How much do I have to write? Some of our safety and health rules require written documents such as plans, procedures, and programs. These rules can help you achieve specific safety and health goals – developing an emergency action plan, documenting procedures for controlling hazardous energy, or establishing a hazard communication program for example. You can usually decide what to write as long as you meet the rule’s intent. You can keep your written materials in a paper or electronic file. Use the Contents section to find requirements for written materials that may apply to your workplace.

This guide includes most rules that require written materials, a summary of each requirement, a link to the rule, and titles of related Oregon OSHA publications. Remember: this guide doesn’t replace the rules. Always check the rule to be sure you’re not overlooking anything. The type of the work your business does and the hazards in your workplace affect how much you have to write. Fewer words are better than many words as long as you meet the intent of the requirement.

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