Obd ii code list pdf

1979 defines many PIDs, but manufacturers also define many more PIDs specific to their vehicles. There are 10 modes of operation described in the latest Obd ii code list pdf-II standard SAE J1979. Vehicle manufacturers are not required to support all modes.

The table below shows the standard OBD-II PIDs as defined by SAE J1979. The expected response for each PID is given, along with information on how to translate the response into meaningful data. Again, not all vehicles will support all PIDs and there can be manufacturer-defined custom PIDs that are not defined in the OBD-II standard. The exceptions are PID 01, which is only available in Mode 1, and PID 02, which is only available in Mode 2. If Mode 2 PID 02 returns zero, then there is no snapshot and all other Mode 2 data is meaningless. When using Bit-Encoded-Notation, quantities like C4 means bit 4 from data byte C.

Each bit is numerated from 0 to 7, so 7 is the most significant bit and 0 is the least significant bit. Monitor status since DTCs cleared. You have to send the frame number in the data section of the message. DTC that caused freeze frame to be stored. 3 codes per message frame.

Clears all stored trouble codes and turns the MIL off. Only for ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4 and SAE J1850. Usually value will be 5. Up to 16 ASCII chars. Usually displayed as hex string. In the formula column, letters A, B, C, etc.

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