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Lyrically, the song talks about a relationship from the female perspective, and how the protagonist incessantly returns to her lover, even though he continuously cheats on her and breaks her heart. The song received mixed reviews from music critics, many of which felt it was not original or innovative in terms of a creative step forward. Carey’s 14th chart topper there. Across Europe and Australia, the song topped the charts in New Zealand, and was a top five single in France and the United Kingdom. Carey performed “Heartbreaker” live on several television and award show appearances around the world, as well as on her concert tours.

Carey played herself and a brunette villainess named Bianca, during a physical altercation scene in between the two women. Carey claimed to have spent most of the time developing what she felt to be a strong lead single. But it’s kind of fun and has a new edge to it, I think, and definitely having Jay-Z takes it to a whole ‘nother level. Carey had different ideas for the lead single. After agreeing to it, they incorporated Carey’s lyrics and melody to the hook, and began recording the song. However, after completing “Heartbreaker”, Carey felt it needed a strong male verse, hoping for a rising hip-hop artist. Jay-Z wrote his entire verse, and helped produce some of the song’s core instrumentals.

It’s fun when you can find someone that you can relate to and that you respect. Jay-Z is someone I admire as a writer and as an artist. We could be sitting in the studio, and he can freestyle a rhyme that would be incredible just off the top of his head. He doesn’t need a pen and paper. I equate that to a singer who can pick up the mike and riff and ad-lib over a song and take you to a totally new place.

When interviewed by Bronson, Carey spoke highly of Lorenz, “He’s an amazing writer and singer, he’s so influenced by the old school stuff, yet he’s so current. He’s known me since before my first album, and he’s a great, loyal friend. Aside from the use of the sample and Jay-Z’s verses, “Heartbreaker” contains strong female-empowering lyrics, which Carey wrote as a sort of anthem, especially because she felt that she personally has been in a similar predicament in the past. A 28-second sample of the song, featuring Carey singing the chorus over the soft background. According to the music sheet published at Musicnotes.

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