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Surgical Instruments From the design to maintenance and care Everything you need to know about our instruments! SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Preface In order to maintain the value of high quality instruments, maintenance, care and preparation play a very important and central role. This brochure aims to clarify basic questions about these points and give an overview of the diversity of high quality instruments provided by the KLS Martin Group and give the intended use of each of the product features. Cleaning Ultrasound Machine cleaning All new instruments have to be washed at least three times before they can be included in the instrument cycle.

Final rinsing with demineralized water Manual cleaning Supplies Cycle Defective instruments Max. KLS Martin Quality Instruments Medical devices are subject to a set of uniform laws throughout the European Union. In this context, the EC Directive concerning medical devices places rigid quality demands on surgical instruments as well. Any manufacturer must heed and meet these requirements, as non-complying products are barred from being placed on the European single market.

Similar regulations are in place in the United States and Japan. Other countries have started preparing and implementing their corresponding regulations. Current Reference Standards for KLS Martin Products The instruments’ finish has undergone changes lately as a result of more powerful operating lights and video camera systems being used in the OR. SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS General Information about the entire Instrument Range The instruments must be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized in accordance with our preparation instructions before the first use, before each additional use and before they are returned for repair, maintenance or service.

Basic Principles of the Maintenance, Care and Preparation of Surgical Instruments Danger of infection due to non-sterile handling! Improper sterilization and non-sterile handling of the instruments can lead to serious health hazards for patients. All instruments must be cleaned and sterilized before using them or the first time, as well as prior to each subsequent use. In addition, we recommend sending the products through the cleaning and disinfecting cycle three times prior to first use. Dry disposal: Following use in the OR, the instruments are deposited for return to the CSSD in dry condition, without applying a disinfectant or immersing them in a disinfecting solution.

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