Hampton court map pdf

The historic riverside area is famous for its network of 18th-century buildings and pleasure grounds, many hampton court map pdf which survive intact. The charter, dated 13 June 704, is signed with 12 crosses. The area was then farmed for several hundred years, while the river provided opportunities for fishing, boatbuilding and trade.

The Thames at Twickenham c. 1665 and 67 deaths were recorded. 17th century, although the location is not known. Beggars and Vagabonds that shall lye abide or lurk about the Towne and to give correction to such”. Sometime before 1743 a “pirate” ferry appears to have been started by Twickenham inhabitants. There is speculation that it operated to serve “The Folly”, a floating hostelry of some kind.

Folly wherein divers loose and disorderly persons are frequently entertained who have behaved in a very indecent Manner and do frequently afront divers persons of Fashion and Distinction who often in an Evening Walk near that place, and desired so great a Nuisance might be removed,. The process generates an extremely unpleasant smell, which caused objections from local residents. There were frequent explosions and loss of life. In 1772 three mills blew up, shattering glass and buildings in the neighbourhood.

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