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England for higher education but was recalled home by his family circa 1915. Railway, The ACC Free punjabi books download pdf Portland Cement Company, the Wah Stone and Lime Company, Messrs.

Owen Roberts, the Punjab Sugar Corporation Ltd, Messrs. Co, The Lahore Electricity Supply Co and many others. When Khan was the Unionist Premier, he extended the offer of Parliamentary Secretaryship to Ghazanfar Ali Khan, who became a strong backer of the Unionist Party in the assembly. A K Fazlul Huq, the premier of Bengal, in working to relieve the Bengali peasantry from crippling debts to private sources, using both legal and administrative measures. Khan believed in politically co-operating with the British for the independence of India and the unity of Punjab. Muslim elements in the Punjab and elsewhere in India, towards a common, united front for safeguarding their community rights and interests. Within the agreement, Khan announced he was “advising all the Muslim members of the Unionist Party in Punjab to join the League.

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