Frankfurt city guide pdf

This article is about the town in Brandenburg. At the end of the 1980s, it reached a population peak with more than 87,000 inhabitants. The number dropped below 70,000 in 2002 and was just above 60,000 in 2010. The city’s recorded history began in the 13th frankfurt city guide pdf as a Polish settlement.

The construction of the St. In 1226 construction of the St. The result was a Swedish victory. In the 19th century, Frankfurt played an important role in trade. The nearly empty town was burned down.

Polish town of Słubice – from the rest of Frankfurt. Today, Frankfurt and Słubice have friendly relations and run several common projects and facilities. December 21, 2007 leading to the removal of permanent border controls. Its population has fallen significantly from around 87,000 at the time of German reunification in 1990. The procession of the new Torah scroll began from the spot where the town’s Frankfurter Synagogue stood prior to World War II, 500 meters from Germany’s current border with Poland.

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