Export doc to pdf

Spring MVC application to export data to pdf file for download. A controller class, generate dummy data for demonstration, and get the request export doc to pdf to determine which view to return. API to generate the pdf file.

It generates a pdf file for user to download. Java and open source stuff. Wanted to ask before I start to explore. We use Spring Boot in our project. Only the normal view .

I want a pdf view and it is very confusing. Hello This is actually very helpful post thanks a lot for the same. I have one query, The PDF file is get open in browser not showing pop up to download. PDF doc in new window only upon form successful validation. Document function requires session to be there. I am sending request from UI to get report data in ajax call. If data is there i ll generate pdf and i ll send back, if data is not there i have to send some string or json response how to handle this.

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