Electrotherapy in physiotherapy pdf

Please forward electrotherapy in physiotherapy pdf error screen to sharedip-13214898195. The club was founded in 1958 soon after Morocco had gained their independence, and is one of the most famous football clubs in Morocco.

AS FAR is the most Successful team in Morocco with 29 titles in total and is also the most popular team in Morocco because of their numerous fans inside and outside the country. Malian player in the continent. The AS FAR configuration idea came in the era of independence by the late King Hassan II who was a football fan. AS FAR being a national team, since its inception, officials adopted to bring Moroccan players only, from all over Morocco Moroccan clubs that use reverse other foreign players.

And owns the AS FAR the best athlete center of the composition at the continental level, an area of nearly 40 hectares, contains two stadiums for Trainings and stadium with artificial turf as this center has many facilities including a hotel and a school. Selected red and green colors of the Club, the same colors of the Moroccan flag, reflecting his patriotism, and add the black shirts of the Club. 1983, which seats more than 52000 spectators. It was built in 1983 and is the home ground of ASFAR. Morocco was stripped of its hosting rights.

Salé, glued to the town of Rabat. This is the sports centre of the club of ASFAR. It has an area of 40 hectares. This centre has two grass pitches, a synthetic for football, and two with artificial grass, a swimming Hall, built in the form of tent caidale all-wood, two Olympic swimming pools, a gym equipped with the most sophisticated equipment, three Tennis courts, a fight for the boxing room and gym. Within this centre, there are also medical service composed of a physiotherapy room, a balneotherapy room and a room of electrotherapy without forgetting a dental surgery practice. This service is provided by five sports doctors including a woman and a dental surgeon.

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