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Foo Fighters Tenacious D concert in 2011. American musician, singer, songwriter, dave grohl this is a call pdf producer and film director. At the age of 12, Grohl began learning to play guitar.

He grew tired of lessons and instead taught himself, and he eventually began playing in bands with friends. Chicago in 1982 when he was 13 years old. From then on we were totally punk”, Grohl recalled. He stayed there two years, beginning with a repeat of first year. While in high school, Grohl played in several local bands, including a stint as guitarist in a band called Freak Baby. It was during this period that Grohl taught himself to play drums.

When Freak Baby kicked out its bass player, Grohl decided to switch to drums, and the reconstituted band renamed themselves Mission Impossible. I went to the 9:30 club hundreds of times. I was always so excited to get there, and I was always bummed when it closed. I spent my teenage years at the club and saw some shows that changed my life”. I decided that I loved this music. For me to do anything else for the sole reason of doing something different would be so contrived”. In order to be considered for the position, Grohl lied about his age, claiming he was 20.

To Grohl’s surprise, the band asked him to join. After waffling for a brief period, Grohl accepted the offer. I was seventeen and extremely anxious to see the world, so I did it”. Your Choice Live Series Vol. Grohl penned and sang vocals on the song “Gods Look Down”.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Osborne informed him that Nirvana was looking for a drummer and gave Grohl the phone numbers of Cobain and Novoselic, who subsequently invited Grohl to Seattle to audition for Nirvana. Grohl soon joined the band full-time. At the same time, Grohl was struggling with his status in the band.

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