Computer science books for competitive exams pdf

Please forward this error screen to 158. Now it computer science books for competitive exams pdf time to gather and sharpen weapons required to defeat him. Role of NGO, Pressure Grp.

How to subscribe to Yojana and Kurukshetra? Which competitive magazine to use? Do I need to follow more than one Competitive Magazine? Government scheme, powers of President, reasons for the spread of disease, some physics concept responsible for mechanism of xyz instrument. UPSC examiner was a buffalo, how would you please him? Ofcourse by throwing some grass fodder at him. So you should not over-rely on such Desi-weapons.

Now let’s see how to effectively utilize these weapons. Syllabus of UPSC exam is extremely large. Today, if you understand a topic from xyz book, magazine, newspaper or website but cannot recall it in the exam hall after five months, then whole exercise is useless. If you’re not processing and consolidating information in compact notes form, then on the night before exam you’ll have so many heaps of books, newspapers and magazines that could fill up a small loading rickshaw! You’ll be under extreme stress and frustration on what to read and what to skip?

Works well for NCERTs, GS Manuals, M. Laxmikanth, Bipin Chandra and so on. Doesn’t work well, if it is a secondary reference book. In that case, ideal way was to write a separate handwritten summery note.

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