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In the United States before the Drake Well, oil-producing wells were wells that were drilled for salt brine, and produced oil and gas only as accidental byproducts. 1858, a year before the Drake Well, but civil engineering books free download pdf sites had not been drilled for oil.

The importance of the Drake Well was in the fact that it caused prompt additional drilling, thus establishing a supply of petroleum in sufficient quantity to support business enterprises of magnitude. Europeans became aware of the existence of petroleum in the 1600s. Watson, Brewer and Company Farm on Oil Creek around 1853. The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company was incorporated and the farm transferred to the company. 200, his entire savings, into the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company. Brewer and Watson Farm in December 1857.

March 1858 and to place Drake in charge of producing petroleum. 500 loan to keep the operation going. The drill reached its maximum depth of 69. The original structures at the well caught fire in October 1859 and were rebuilt by Drake a month later. The well stopped producing in 1861 and the Seneca Oil Company sold the property in 1864. The well remained abandoned until 1889, when David Emery of Titusville bought the site, erected a derrick and cleaned out the well. Emery was able to obtain a small quantity of petroleum from the well and attempted to sell it as souvenirs to raise funds “to perpetuate the site”, but died before he was able to do so.

1914 to commemorate the site. 60,000 for the creation of a museum and library, as well as a dike to protect Drake Well from flooding by Oil Creek. Since at least the late-1890s, the only artifacts remaining from the original well were the drilling tools and drivepipe, much to the disappointment of visitors to Drake Well. 185,000 for the construction of a replica derrick and engine house, including pumping equipment. August 27, 2009, the 150th anniversary of the strike.

1983 and reaccredited in 1995. American Association of Petroleum Geologists, p. Pennsylvania Trail of History Guide. This page was last edited on 29 December 2017, at 11:26. India, and as such does not include foreign technologies which India acquired through contact.

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