Can you password protect a pdf document

This tutorial shows how to password protect PDF files when converting the original document to PDF with novaPDF. Password protecting a PDF file helps you ensure that even if the document gets lost the content won’t be available to anyone else unless you shared the password with them. You can download it from our Download page. The first method is to change the default printing settings to password-protect a PDF file for the current print job only – this means that can you password protect a pdf document you’ll want to password-protect a PDF file you’ll need to modify the printing settings.

The second option is to create a printing profile that will password-protect any PDF files that are created with that profile – this way, everytime you’ll want a PDF protected you just need to select that profile and no other changes will be required. Open the document that you want to convert to PDF and password protect. If you define an user password before generating the PDF file, when someone will want to open the resulting PDF file it will have to enter the user password to open it. The owner password is not requested when opening the PDF file but it is requesting when you want to change something in the password protected PDF file that was restricted from modifying.

PDF will be created with the password you entered above. The PDF will be opened in the default viewer and for opening it will require the set password. PDF has the password he will be able to read, edit, copy, print and so on. You can choose a more restrictive level under Security by choosing from the drop-down to Allow Changes only, Allow Copying or Allow Printing. You can also click on New to define your own security preset.

If you start modifying those, the security profile will be set to Custom. If an option is checked, it means that the user with the password will be able to do that action to the PDF file – if it’s unchecked even if the password is entered the action won’t work. If these options are unchecked, when someone will try to copy text from the PDF to paste it elsewhere, it will not work. This tutorial explained how to password protect PDF documents or apply other security restrictions, if you have any suggestions for improvement leave a comment or rate the article.

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