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Something really cool is coming! We promise bmw 530i owners manual pdf never spam you. BMW i8 has a 7. The production version of the BMW i8 was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The i8 was released in Germany in June 2014. Deliveries to retail customers in the U. Global sales since mid-2014 totaled more than 10,000 BMW i8s by early November 2016, making the i8 the world’s top selling plug-in electrified sports car. The top selling markets are the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Other i models are expected to follow. 2013 as the BMW i8.

The BMW i8 gasoline-powered concept car destined for production was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The following are the concept and pre-production models developed by BMW that precedeed the production version. The lightweight chassis is made mainly from aluminum. The designers in charge of the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept were Mario Majdandzic, Exterior Design and Jochen Paesen, Interior Design. The location of the battery pack in the energy tunnel gives the vehicle a low centre of gravity, enhancing its dynamics. A full charge of the battery will take less than 2 hours using 220V.

Life module, drive modules made primarily from aluminium components, interlocking of surfaces and lines, 8. 83rd Geneva International Motor Show 2013. The designer of the BMW i8 Concept Spyder was Richard Kim. The design of the BMW i8 coupe prototype was based on the BMW i8 Concept. 5 seconds using both power sources.

The plug-in hybrid system of the BMW i8 comprises a three-cylinder, 1. The BMW i8’s second power source is a hybrid synchronous electric motor specially developed and produced by the BMW Group for BMW i. Typical of an electric motor, responsive power is instantly available when starting and this continues into the higher load ranges. As well as providing a power boost to assist the gasoline engine during acceleration, the electric motor can also power the vehicle by itself. Linear acceleration is maintained even at higher speeds since the interplay between the two power sources efficiently absorbs any power flow interruptions when shifting gears. The model-specific version of the high-voltage 7.

BMW i Wallbox or at a public charging station. In the US a full recharge takes approximately 3. 5 hours from a conventional 120V, 12 amp household circuit or approximately 1. 5 hours from a 220V Level 2 charger. The driver can also select several driving modes: SPORT, COMFORT and ECO PRO. Using the gear selector, the driver can either select position D for automated gear selection or can switch to SPORT mode.

SPORT mode offers manual gear selection and at the same time switches to very sporty drive and suspension settings. In SPORT mode, the engine and electric motor deliver extra performance, accelerator response is faster and the power boost from the electric motor is maximized. And to keep the battery topped up, SPORT mode also activates maximum energy recuperation during overrun and braking as the electric motor’s generator function, which recharges the battery using kinetic energy, switches to a more powerful setting. The Driving Experience Control switch on the center console offers a choice of two settings. On starting, COMFORT mode is activated, which offers a balance between sporty performance and fuel efficiency, with unrestricted access to all convenience functions. Alternatively, the ECO PRO mode can be engaged, which, on the BMW i8 as on other models, supports an efficiency-optimized driving style. On this mode the powertrain controller coordinates the cooperation between the gasoline engine and the electric motor for maximum fuel economy.

On deceleration, the intelligent energy management system automatically decides, in line with the driving situation and vehicle status, whether to recuperate braking energy or to coast with the powertrain disengaged. At the same time, ECO PRO mode also programs electrical convenience functions such as the air conditioning, seat heating and heated mirrors to operate at minimum power consumption, but without compromising safety. The BMW i8’s ECO PRO mode can also be used during all-electric operation. The vehicle is then powered solely by the electric motor. Only if the battery charge drops below a given level, or under sudden intense throttle application such as kickdown, is the internal combustion engine automatically activated.

The vehicle was unveiled in BMW Group’s Miramas test track in France. The production BMW i8 was designed by Benoit Jacob. Series production of customer vehicles began in April 2014. The production i8 has a 7. 1 gallons per 100 mi, and as a result, EPA’s all-electric range is zero. 100 mi and gasoline consumption of 0. The Protonic Red Edition will be produced at BMW Plant Leipzig from July 2016.

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