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This article is about guns that fire only by authorized users. These safety features can prevent misuse, accidental shootings, gun thefts, and use of the weapon against the owner. Smart guns distinguish between authorized users and unauthorized users in several different ways. Related to smart guns are other smart firearms safety devices such as biometric or RFID activated bill of sale gun pdf and safes.

Biofire Technologies Founder Kai Kloepfer, an MIT student from Boulder, Colorado, has a working smart gun prototype that uses a fingerprint sensor to unlock the firearm’s safety. It can be programmed to register a range of fingerprints so that the gun would be able to be used, for example, by a spouse or trusted friend in addition to the owner. This prototype also promises to reduce risk of accidental shootings and firearm suicides. Kai’s live-fire prototype was launched in a feature in the Wall Street Journal written by Geoffrey A. Uproxx Tech, “Has This 18-Year-Old Created The World’s Safest Gun? 20 million views across platforms.

The shotgun is activated when in close proximity to a ring worn on the trigger hand of the user. Gun’s product “could be considered the first personalized firearm to go beyond a prototype to an actual commercializable or production-ready product. CEO Tom Lynch, is developing a variation on the traditional smart gun in the form of fingerprint retrofit kits for installation on home defense guns. Their retrofit technology, once installed, required an authorized user’s fingerprint to unlock the gun and make it ready to fire.

Safe Gun Tech is currently field-testing their fingerprint retrofit kit on an AR-15 rifle. The gun is programmed to recognize only the owner or anyone whom the owner wishes to authorize. Basically, only the authorised user can fire the weapon and the gun is safe in the hands of a child or an intruder in the home. Safe zones can be created around schools and airports so that only authorised guns can operate in the designated area. Alternatively, when authorised guns leave the authorised area they can be tracked and disabled outside the safe zone.

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