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WOT Community Archangel’s kiss pdf download for updatestar. XP, 32 bit and 64 bit editions.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your language settings from within the program. Flag of the Legionary Movement. Its members were called “Greenshirts” because of the predominantly green uniforms they wore. September 1940 he brought the Iron Guard into the government. Guard launched murderous attacks on Jews.

He destroyed the organization but its commander, Horia Sima, and some other leaders escaped to Germany. Everything for the Fatherland” or occasionally “Everything for the Motherland”. Fascism, “The Legion was arguably the most unusual mass movement of interwar Europe. The Legion contrasted with most other European fascist movements of the period, especially when talking about its understanding of nationalism, which it believed should never be separated from the faith that people were born into. According to Ioanid, the Legion “willingly inserted strong elements of Orthodox Christianity into its political ideology to the point of becoming one of the rare modern European political movements with a religious ideological structure. The movement’s leader, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, was a religious patriot who aimed at a spiritual resurrection for the nation.

According to Codreanu’s philosophy, human life was a sinful, violent political war, which would ultimately be transcended by the spiritual nation. In this schema, the Legionnaire might have to perform actions beyond the simple will to fight, suppressing the preserving instinct for the sake of the country. Like many other fascist movements, the Legion called for a revolutionary “new man”. However, this new man was very different in conception.

The Legion didn’t want a physical superhuman like the Nazis did. Instead, they wanted to recreate and purify the way of thinking in order to bring the whole nation closer to God. The movement considered its main enemies to be the present political leadership and the Jews. The mysticism of the Legion led to a cult of death, martyrdom and self-sacrifice.

Iron Guard leader Zelea Codreanu claimed the name was chosen because members were ready to accept death while campaigning for the organization. Sterie Ciumetti, Petre Țocu, Tache Savin, Traian Clime, Iosif Bozântan, Nicolae Constantinescu. Part of the reason for the overwhelming male membership of the Iron Guard was because a disproportionate number of the Iron Guards were university students and very few women went to university in Romania during the inter-war period. In the Romanian language there are plurals attached to most nouns that have either a masculine or feminine form. Thus words in English like Romanian, youth or member that are gender-neutral are used in Romanian to refer either to Romanian men or Romanian women, young men or young women, and male members or female members.

The Iron Guard explained that the problem of poverty in Romania was due to the Jews having “colonized” Romania, and thereby prevented Christian Romanians from getting ahead economically. The solution to this perceived problem was to drive the Jews out of Romania, which the Iron Guard claimed would finally allow Eastern Orthodox Romanians to rise up to the middle class. As to why Romania had been allegedly “colonized” by the Jews, the Iron Guard’s answer was that most Romanian men were simply not manly enough to protect their interests. In strikingly sexualized language, the Iron Guards argued that most Romanian men had been “emasculated” and were suffering from “sterility”, which one Iron Guard Alexandru Cantacuzino called the “plague of the present” in a 1937 essay.

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