Android design patterns book pdf

They document interaction models that make it easier for users to understand an interface and accomplish their tasks. Patterns are ways to describe best practices, explain good designs, and capture experience so that other people can reuse these solutions. Since then a pattern community has emerged that specifies patterns for problem domains including architectural styles android design patterns book pdf object-oriented frameworks.

The Apple Computer’s Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines also quotes Christopher Alexander’s works in its recommended reading. The popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets usher in a need for a library of mobile interaction design patterns. Differences in physical attributes between a mobile and a desktop device e. Design guidelines recommended by mobile OS e. For patterns to be helpful to the designers and developers who will make use of them, they need to be findable and readable.

Choosing a clear and descriptive name helps people find the pattern and encourages clear communication between team members during design discussions. Written in user-centered language, this communicates what the user wants to achieve or what the challenge is to the end-user. Context of use” is a critical component of the design pattern. The solution should explain “how” to solve the problem, and may include prescriptive checklists, screenshots, or even short videos demonstrating the pattern in action.

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