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Follow the link for more information. He left the copy with Cole’s valet, and from him the singer came to know of “Nature Boy”. After receiving appreciation for his performance of the song, Cole wanted to record it. The lyrics are a self-portrait of ahbez and his life. The final line—”The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved in return”—is considered a poignant moment in the song, with multiple interpretations of it. Receiving critical acclaim also, “Nature Boy” helped to introduce Cole to a wider audience, especially the white music market, and generated royalties for ahbez.

In the end, ahbez and Yablokoff settled out of court. Their followers, known as “Nature Boys”, wore long hair and beards and ate only raw fruits and vegetables. Los Angeles, handed him a tattered copy of “Nature Boy”, and asked him to show it to Cole. Nature Boy” with Cole’s valet, Otis Pollard. From him, Cole came to know of the song and loved it.

Cole began playing “Nature Boy” for live audiences, and he received much acclaim. Cole, but Cole decided to record it for himself. He needed to get permission from ahbez, however, before releasing it as a single, but he was not able to find the songwriter since ahbez had disappeared without providing any contact details. Cole got his permission and recorded the song. An 18-second sample from Cole’s 1961 version of “Nature Boy”. Nature Boy” follows an “A,B” format, with the primary three notes descending on a minor triad above the pickup note.

An ascending line over the diminished ii chord returns to the initial minor triad. There was a boy, A very strange, enchanted boy, They say he wandered very far, Very far, over land and sea”. But he believed that it was the song’s last line that made it the most poignant: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved in return”. Various interpretations of the line are given by academics, with the eponymous nature boy being a child, advising on love and relationship, or an adult hippie talking about his journey and inner-love. According to author Jeffrey P. Dennis, the song presented a homo-romantic theme, with the eponymous nature boy visiting Cole on a “magic day” and explaining that “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return”. Author Raymond Knapp described the track as a “mystically charged vagabond song” whose lyrics evoked an intense sense of loss and haplessness, with the final line delivering a universal truth, described by Knapp as “indestructible” and “salvaged somehow from the perilous journey of life”.

To be loved in return, is too much of a deal, and there’s no deal in love. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved, just to love, and be loved. Romersa has stated that because these lyrics did not fit with the original ending melody, ahbez re-wrote it. April 16, 1948, and stayed there for 15 weeks, ultimately peaking at number one. DJs listed it as the greatest record of the year, with the song accumulating a total of 743 points.

The 1940s, American music market was divided by race and for a black artist to cross over to mainstream pop music was difficult. Cole had to wear white makeup while filming for the performance of the song. Although he had come into prominence in 1930 as a leader of the jazz trio named King Cole Trio, it was with “Nature Boy” that he received widespread recognition, and it was his rendition that appealed to the white audience. Nature Boy” as one of his favorites among his recordings. Loraine Tatum for helping him with the lyrics and the rest with Pollard, for bringing the song to Cole’s notice. Nature Boy” has received wide acclaim from critics and contemporary reviewers.

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