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Lyrically, the song describes a domestic dispute in which its narrator assumes a defensive stance against a manipulative ex-lover. Adele’s vocals and its production. The song reached the top-twenty of the singles charts in four countries, including Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. Adele decided on a more upbeat and contemporary second album. Disillusioned with her lack of inspiration and the slow progress of the studio sessions, she cancelled the remaining recording dates. Adele had written “Take It All” during a difficult moment in her relationship.

When she played the song for her boyfriend, the two got into a bitter argument that culminated in the end of their 18-month relationship. Heartbroken but musically stimulated, the singer channelled her rush of emotions into her music, crafting songs that examined her failed relationship from the perspectives of vengeful ex-lover, heartbroken victim, and nostalgic old flame. However, the singer later deemed the title too confusing for some of her audiences. The production of the song was helmed by Jim Abbiss.

When the demos to two songs were completed, Adele approached Tedder, who was in London at the time for a radio show. He arrived four hours early to their first studio session held at Sphere Studios in London, buying time to better familiarise himself with some of her previous work. Although unaware of Adele’s personal predicament, he composed the opening piano sequence and first few lines of “Turning Tables”. Coincidentally, it perfectly captured the experience of the singer, who arrived at the studio moments after another altercation with her former lover. Angry and unfocused, she denounced her ex-lover’s tendency to “turn the tables” on her during their arguments, an expression that Tedder decided to reference in the song’s lyrics.

Adele recorded the demo with Abbis the following day. The strings were played by Patrick Kernan, Stephen Morris, Tom Pigott-Smith, Julian Leaper, Boguslaw Kostecki, Bruce White, Peter Lale, Rachel Stephanie Bolt, David Danels, Caroline Dale, Warren Zelnski, Jackie Shave, Chris Laurence, Rita Manning, Cathy Thompson, Emlyn Singleton and Chris Worsey. On 14 December 2011, the song was sent for airplay to Italian radio stations. Adele’s voice to its best effect.

Joseph Viney described the song as a delicate ballad that possesses an astonishing beauty. Reconciling herself with the termination of a contentious relationship, she vows emotional distance to shield herself from future heartbreak. All that I have is on the floor”. Adele’s reputation as a competent vocalist showing no signs of stopping. Adele sounds “epic” on the song. Leah Greenblatt found a “scorned-woman balladry” in the song. The song allows her to explore her upper register without ignoring the lower, soulful sound she always seems able create.

Lily Moayeri stated that on the “barely contained ‘Turning Tables’, Adele lets forth her formidable lungpower. The next week, the song dropped 21 places to number 85 and became the biggest fall of the week. As of May 2015 “Turning Tables” has sold 883,000 digital downloads in the US alone. 60 for the issue dated 7 May 2011. It fell to number 91 the next week becoming the biggest fall of the week. 40,000 digital copies of the song.

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